Otuke ran away from home as a small boy and lived on the streets. We were able to rescue Otuke and support him in locating his family. He discovered that his mother had passed away, leaving his brother Francis an orphan, so Francis also joined our family home.

“I am one of the older members of the Biojemmss family. I thank God for my life and the situations I passed through since my childhood, when I had no parents and God became my parent through the Biojemmss family. Glory be to God, I am now 27 years old.

“I thank God for the gift of life, and for Biojemmss and all its supporters. They are doing a wonderful job in many children’s lives in Uganda.

“I myself have tasted the fruits of Biojemmss, and I am very happy because they have equipped me with the tools needed to overcome this world. I have been raised by kindhearted people, who supported me with my studies until I finished, and have given me everything that enables me to have an independent life.

“They have done this by supporting my education, and I thank God because my name appeared on the list of students who have graduated. I graduated with my friends from rich families and have also now got a job.

“Biojemmss paid my school fees from the day I left a different children’s home, where things were not good. I studied at university and got a bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing, which enabled me to get a job as marketing officer at Ntake Group. I have started a new independent life. I am so grateful for Biojemmss, because it gave me a good foundation for my future after paying for my studies.

“So I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all members of Biojemmss, especially Siân Davies, for supporting me.”