Onesmus has been with us since our Bible camp week in January 2017. He had been living on the streets because his father was an alcoholic and had no time or money for him. Onesmus started smoking and drinking, and was even sent to prison at one point.

He was homeless and sleeping in the church building at the time of the camp. We had intended to undertake a home visit to his family, but when we learned of his circumstances we invited him to come home with us.

Onesmus gave his heart to Jesus at the camp. He is now being nurtured and is receiving a good education.

“Let me take this opportunity to testify of the Almighty God for the great things he has done in my life. First of all, I thank God who joined me to the Biojemmss family and rescued me from evil spirits, because before I joined Biojemmss I was staying on the streets of Rukungiri and Kasese town, where I used to smoke all kinds of things and drink every kind of alcohol that crossed my path. I was even spending time in the clubs at the age of nine.

“All of this happened because I was staying with my father, who was poor and had no time for me. Instead, he spent his time drinking alcohol with his friends, which caused misunderstandings between my mother and father, so they separated when I was five. I also had to leave my father and stay on the streets.

“The situation became harder because I had nowhere to sleep, no clean water to drink and I only found food each day by God’s grace. The situation continued to become more difficult for me, but I couldn’t go home because I feared my father.

“I went to a community church where the camp was being organised and I gave my life to Jesus, which brought great changes to my life. I remember when I was taken to the prison in Kasese and God used Siân and Joel to rescue me when no one from my family could.

“I thank God so much for Siân and Joel, who allowed me to stay with Biojemmss family. They took me back to school for further studies, after spending three years without going to school, and now I am in primary four at Kinyansano Primary School.

“I really thank God for the Biojemmss family, which is full of the hospitality, care, love and friendship that I was missing from my father. Through Biojemmss, I got new Christian friends. I thank God for the children’s camp where I found salvation. I believe many other children will find salvation through this children’s camp.”