Mukasa grew up on the streets of Kampala after getting lost in Kampala’s busy taxi park when he was a small boy. Mukasa’s aunt never came back for him, and he had to learn to survive on the streets of Kampala. He and his friends ate leftovers and slept in boxes. He started sniffing glue as young as nine to escape the daily struggle.

While living on the streets, Mukasa made friends with another boy called Kodet. Kodet introduced him to a children’s home he had discovered. Mukasa remained at that home, which unfortunately was abusive, until he was moved to our Rukungiri home in 2007. He is now studying for a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance at Ndejje University in Kampala.

I thank God, who has enabled me to testify about my life. When I look into my past, I see God working and helping me. I recall my past when I was on the street. I never knew God and didn’t have anywhere to go.
When I went to my first children’s home, I was there for only a few days, but what was happening at the home was not good. I then ended up in another home which was also not good. So I thank God, who has given me a special home called Biojemmss, which is really based on God. Whenever we are weak in spirit, they are always there to encourage us and help us. I have been helped in many ways.
In 2010, Biojemmss joined me with my parents, who I had not seen for so many years. I had always prayed for that moment. I glorify his name because it came to pass and he gave me peace of mind, because I am now settled in Biojemmss.
He has done so many good things in my life in the past years; however, there are so many that he is still doing. I want to thank God that, through your support, my tuition is always paid on time and everything that I need for my studies is provided. Thank you so much, friends. I want to thank the Lord again that, through you, my life has changed and I feel so secure because the love you have for us has truly changed and mentored us in the right way.
I thank God because he has given me life. Every day he loves me, and he loves my mother and the people at Biojemmss. He always guides me when I go to school and church. God is good, because he protects Siân, Joel, Mikey, Bright, my mother and all the others in Kampala. I thank Siân for the help she has given me through Biojemmss. May God bless her. I thank Siân because she loves me and my friends.