Orphaned as a young child, Kamanzi grew up under the care of his aunt. He found himself getting involved in things he shouldn’t have, such as drug and alcohol misuse, stealing and cheating people, which resulted in him being kicked out of the family home. He felt pressured to be like other children who were better off than him, and at 19 years of age he was imprisoned for damaging the car of a man he had fought with in a nightclub. Biojemmss fostered Kamanzi at periods of time during his teenage years. He is now 22 years old, lives with us full-time and is in his final year at the St John School of Nursing. He sees this amazing turnaround in his life as a miracle from God.

“I greatly thank the Almighty God for his loving kindness towards me through his wonderful servant Siân and the entire Biojemmss family. Who knew that a child like me would reach where I am now? As a child, I was too blind to see that God was working behind the scenes.

“My wrong desires amounted to habits that I could control no longer by myself, and I didn’t consider how much they could hurt me. At that stage, everyone close to me withdrew their help. None of my relatives ever wanted to see me again. In their eyes, I became worthless. I had lost any chance I had of going back to school.

“Yet God still proved to me that he loved me, regardless of what people thought of me. In my hopelessness and desperation, a group of evangelists encouraged my spirit to get born again, which was the last thing I had ever thought I needed. I had considered myself a failure, yet God was opening heavenly doors for me.

“Months after receiving this greatest gift ever, I was given yet another chance through these compassionate evangelists: this time to join a nursing school. The Biojemmss family came into my life as a miracle. They accepted me as their own and embraced me. They saw all that I had done and still loved me with the love of Christ. Biojemmss also provided financial assistance to help with school tuition fees when no one else was interested.

“I was hopeless, but now I see hope in Christ. I was desperate, but now I am comforted. I was rejected, but now I feel accepted. I am where I belong, with the beloved children of God.“

May God richly bless you, dear Siân and the entire Biojemmss family, and all the wonderful team in the UK. You are such a blessing to the nations and God in heaven will reward you abundantly. Surely those who put their trust in God shall never be put to shame.”