Joseph recently completed a university diploma in engineering. After a few months working with Biojemmss, he decided to use his qualifications and experience to help his remaining family members build a business and work their way out of poverty.

“I was born in 1988, followed by two brothers and one sister who all died at an early age, leaving me alone. At age of nine, I lost my father and then my mother, who died of AIDS a year later.

“I was hated and rejected by my family because I was born outside my father’s marriage. They did many things to hurt me and my mum as a sign that they had no respect for us. I had to leave. For this reason, I hated them too and vowed never to forgive them. I was taken to stay with a grandmother who converted me into Muslim and changed my name from Moses to Yusuf (Joseph).

“From there, I was able to complete my primary level through a government school. Since there were no secondary government schools, I had to survive by fetching water around the village for a few coins.

“That was when I met Siân, and almost all of my basic needs were provided through Siân’s hands. I finished secondary school and college, where I did computer repair and networking, which was my favourite course.

“One day I was in church and listened to the message. The person speaking said that if you want to welcome Christ into your life, you need to forgive whoever has done wrong to you. If you didn’t and continued hating, Jesus would never dwell in you. When I heard the message, I decided to forgive my family members, especially my father.”

“I thought of the true love of God and I decided to convert from the Muslim faith. After college, I didn’t know where to start life from, but I had two wishes for my life: either to start a computer workshop or a school, or both if possible.

“The workshop was much more viable since it was quite cheap to start. I began working and saving through casual work, like making bricks and helping on construction sites. I kept on praying and believing in God while saving to start a workshop, but he answered by giving me a plot with some simple buildings on it through an inheritance from a grandfather.

“It was a big miracle for me to start a school and I converted all my savings from a workshop to a school. I give back all the glory to God, who has saved and added value to my life for a good purpose. He gives me victory over tough times and happiness in times of sorrow. I can only pay him back by giving back to the ones who have suffered misfortune.”