Miriam is a double orphan and a sister to Phiona and Isaac. Her education suffered due to her difficult upbringing in Northern Uganda. When Biojemmss became aware of whereabouts and circumstances, we arranged for her to join our family. She was able to continue with her education, albeit in her late teens. When Miriam reached her early 20s, she left Biojemmss and moved back to Northern Uganda to live with wider family members. We still support her and her daughter Immaculate.

“I was born with one brother and two sisters. We used to stay in the village with our parents. My parents were from different tribes, as my father was a Mugandan and my mum was from Northern Uganda. Therefore, my mother’s relatives hated us. My father was poisoned by his second wife and my mum later became sick and also died. My brother had run away and my sister was taken to Kampala. I remained with my grandma.

“I lost hope, thinking I was to die in the hands of people who had never loved me. My life became worse. Grandma gave me a hut, where I stayed alone. I was subjected to hard labour. I suffered as if I had no relatives. I was beaten to the extent of breaking my bones. I prayed day and night, and people prayed for me, but there was no change at all.

“When I was 12, my grandma tried to make me marry, but I refused. That night, as I was sleeping in my house, something strange happened and I thought it was a dream. I thank God that I woke up. As if all the terrible things they did were not enough, they wanted me dead. They burnt my house and everything was destroyed. I was left with nothing.

“They again tried to destroy my life using evil spirits. I prayed and fasted for days. My last hope was my brother, and I found a way of calling him. I told him about my situation, about how I was scared and that I feared death.

“Through my brother, I was introduced to Biojemmss. I really thank God for Siân’s life and for my Biojemmss family. They have shown me love, and they really see me. I will live to glorify the name of the Lord.”