Francis is the younger brother of Otuke, who ran away from home to live on the streets as a small boy soon after Francis was born. When Otuke relocated his family, he discovered that his mother had passed away, leaving Francis an orphan, fending for himself on the streets. Francis soon joined Otuke at our family home.

“I joined the Biojemmss family in 2012. Life was complicated before that. I used to wake up every morning to collect charcoal on the streets of Jinja. I had dropped out of school. I remember losing 100 shillings that belonged to my mum, so she burnt me and it left a scar.

“Biojemmss has taught me to be strong and I am now going to school. I enjoy skating, playing with car toys and football. One thing I love about Biojemmss is praying.“God has done great things in my life. He brought me from Jinja, where I was staying, to Biojemmss in Rukungiri, where I am now enjoying my life. I thank God so much for my studies. It was very difficult when I was still in Jinja because I had no school fees and we even had to sleep without food. But when my brother Otuke brought me to Biojemmss, everything totally changed. Glory be to God.

“Since I got my school fees paid, I have been promoted to primary six, and next year I will complete my primary school and will start secondary school. I am very happy about that. I also joined the Rukungiri Community Church choir and was chosen to represent the church in a competition at Gaba Community Church in Kampala.

“I thank God for the new Christian friends I have at the church and at school, and I thank God for his protection, favour, grace and love towards us. I also thank him for the new clothes and new shoes I got.”