Emmy is one of our newest members of the family and benefits from our ministry to street children. He was referred to us by a member of the public in 2018 when he was living on the streets of Rukungiri and employed in child labour. Biojemmss has located Emmy’s family members and is currently in the process of strengthening these relationships with a longer-term plan for him to return home. 

"I thank God for my life and new family Biojemmss. My mother left me when I was just a few months old after falling out with my father. I do not know where she is and do not even know what her face looks like. At the age of four years my father brought another woman (my step-mother) who never loved me or my older brother. From that time our happiness ended as she could mistreat us. We were stopped from going to school and said that he would kill us if we came home or approached him. We went to our grandmother’s house, but my father chased us from there as well, so we ended up on the streets. 
"We faced a lot of challenges like heavy rain at night because we had nowhere to sleep. Sometimes we found houses that were still being built to hide in, but the owners used to chase us. We used to suffer from fever in the cold nights and we had no medication. We could eat from the rubbish tip and my friend Anthony could bring me food. I used to try and work for a restaurant, but they could never pay us. I thank God for my friend Anthony who told his mother and she took me to Biojemmss where I gained a new life and went back to school. I have access to medication and can visit Kampala in the holidays. I thank God for my Biojemmss family".