Paulo was abandoned by his brother at a children’s home after the death of his parents. He does not know what happened to them but has kept some contact with his brother. Due to on-going family disputes, this contact has been unhappy. He has never been allowed by his family to return home.

“I used to hear people saying that God exists. I didn’t believe it, because when we first came to Rukungiri, I prayed to God to change my life and answer my prayers. He seemed far away and my prayers were not answered. I got frustrated and shared it with some members, who told me to be patient and keep praying.

“I used to have bad dreams, bad memories of my past, and I was under attack from stuff I can’t explain. When Siân visited, she told us that if we believe in God, he will do mighty things in our lives, and when she was about to go back we said a prayer and I started feeling unusual. I was filled with joy and happiness. It has been one year now without having bad dreams and memories. I learnt that when we believe in God and his existence, he will do exceedingly beyond what we can imagine.

“Biojemmss has taught me to love, share and care for others. We are a family and the Bible studies have helped me read the Bible and understand it.”