Brian joined the Biojemmss family in 2007, when Siân first moved the children and young people to the family home in Rukungiri. He had to adapt to a new place, language and culture, but believes it was all part of God’s plan to rescue him from a life of suffering and depression.

“Years later, I’m looking at myself all grown up. Actually, you can call me a grown man, because I now have a beard! Through Biojemmss, I managed to finish high school. I thank God for Biojemmss.
“At school, I learnt a lot of things I am proud of, like communication skills, dealing with people, expressing myself in public, being competitive, how to make friends and speaking good English. These skills have helped me travel, use computers and be able to address large crowds of people.

“I am thankful to God for the talent he blessed me with: the talent of music. I am really into rhymes, art and poetry: rap music. Rap and hip-hop were introduced by Africans, although the US made these genres famous. I use rap as a platform to inspire, teach, educate and mentor the people who listen to my music and I have recorded a number of songs.

“I thank God for all this, because, by his power and glory, I have managed to transform a few young people’s lives and taken my career to the next level. My next plan is to start selling the music, giving back to communities, helping those in need, doing local town outreaches, and visiting hospitals, prisons and schools to inspire, encourage and empower those who have lost hope: the weak ones, the sick ones and the people in captivity.

“I want to start a music record label and a film company in the near future, which will help talented young people record music and shoot films that will inspire the world. We will also do tours to redeem lost souls and lead people to Jesus Christ.

“I am thinking about studying music production and sound engineering when I get the funds to support myself. I believe all will be well through Jesus Christ, who strengthens us.

“Because of Biojemmss, I was inspired to be the person I am today and think the way I do about life and the people around me. I pray to the good Lord, who has helped me get to this level, that he will take me to the next level so I can inspire, empower, encourage and help a lot of people. I am happy and proud to be one of Biojemmss’ family members. Thanks to Biojemmss for giving us a hand and believing in the children of Uganda.”

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