Andy can’t remember how he ended up on the streets as he was so young, but he recalls being treated like vermin, suffering great pain, and enduring many cold nights. His friend Eddy helped him escape this life and introduced him to Biojemmss. He recently gained a certificate in medical laboratory technology and hopes to set up a hospital of his own one day.

“Amid the wrath, hatred, neglect, abandonment and segregation, my journey from the streets to where I am now in Biojemmss was not really nice, but I thank Biojemmss for always standing in the gap for me. Biojemmss loved me and gave me the care that turned my heart to a loving heart. I am very thankful to God for the provision and existence of the Biojemmss family, as I have received, and still am receiving, protection, guidance and care.

“Through Biojemmss, I have earned a mighty sense of belonging and I have realised that I am an important person. Biojemmss has had a greatly positive impact in my life. Currently, I hold a certificate in medical laboratory technology, which I attained from Mengo Hospital’s School of Medical Laboratory Technology in 2016. I am now studying to complete my degree.

“I am now looking forward to a government job opportunity, which I need prayers to achieve as I prepare myself to go for further studies in the same field. I have a future prospect of setting up a hospital that can benefit the Biojemmss family, community, nation and the world at large. I know that, by the mighty hand of God, everything is possible.

“If I said that whatever I have achieved in my life came from my effort, parents or relatives, then I would be doomed. It was God who drew me from the terrible waves of the deep oceans and enabled me to spring up to where I am now.

“I am so proud of what I am today. I used to think a good life was all about having real parents, but with the experience I have, it’s actually not important now. I’ve seen children who have biological parents suffer the same consequences as street kids or orphans.

“I think I missed out on things growing up as a street child, such as doing recreational activities, going to good schools and going to church. I have never lived with my biological parents. Even now I am unsure of my original parents or family. I have had a hard life, but I never perished.

“I thank God, who has always protected me. Living on the street is like being thrown into a blazing thicket! I am no longer lonely, as God gave me a family. I consider Biojemmss my family. It’s the family where I feel at home when my mind needs rest.”