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Vehicle Appeal

24th Nov 2018

Almost one year ago we sat in our living room in Uganda, exhausted from another incredible children's camp. We spoke about our dreams to reach more children who were being abused, particularly those in rural areas whose plight is rarely seen. Sometimes our staff were travelling over 100km a day in to remote areas to respond to a request for assistance; many homes unreachable by public transport. We were struggling to get there, and then to do follow up work. Staff were tired after the long trips, and we were becoming acutely aware of the dangers they were facing during the journeys. 

It is therefore with great joy, gratitude and amazement (and a bit of relief!) that we announce we have made it! We have received £10,000 towards our vehicle appeal! Thank you to everyone who has prayed and donated. We will be sending the money out over the next two weeks to place the order. Lets pray it arrives in time for this years camp!

We also want to thank our own Biojemmss members and staff who have been determined to be creative in their approach to this work so that more can be reached. We love you and appreciate you.