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Urgent Appeal — we need a home — can you help?

10th Jul 2018

We are sure that all of you reading this left home on your 18th birthday, got a great job, got married, gained a fantastic group of friends and never looked back, right? 

In the UK, a quarter of adults between the ages of 20-34 still live with their parents. In the US, it is a third. 

Whether we are struggling with finances, mental health issues or marriage trouble, most of us can call a family member and even move home when we are in crisis until we sort things out. 

But imagine if your whole world fell apart and you had nowhere to go and did not live in a country where you could get help from the state. Did you know over 20 million people claim benefits in the UK?

Biojemmss started with a group of children who were rescued from an abusive children’s home. 

The name “Biojemmss” was created by them to mean “family”. 

In Andy’s words: “It is my home, it is a home of peace, it is a home of destination, it is a home of love and care”.

We see our members return home for special events and for holidays and indeed in times of crisis. Our commitment to them is long-term, and many of them dream of working for Biojemmss when they graduate.

Owning land and property in Uganda is a big deal. It demonstrates commitment to the community, to authorities, and to our own members. It is a sign of status and will help to increase our influence in matters that impact children, whilst also enabling us to build the facilities we really need to realise our full vision. Biojemmss currently rents both premises and has recently had to move to a new house in both Rukungiri and Kampala due to rent increases and outstanding repairs.

Biojemmss is therefore making a two-step appeal to build our very own permanent family home, along with our community facilities, a children's church and space for income generating projects. 

Biojemmss needs to start by raising £32,000 for a six acre piece of land we have identified, and the associated legal costs. We have commenced on the purchase with the money already raised from the appeal, starting with three acres with agreement that we will pay the balance in the next two years for the last three acres. 

In Rukungiri, good land does not come up often and the piece of land is just a few km from the town centre at half the cost of other land in the area (£5000 per acre rather than £10000). It is on the main road, and has access to electricity and water supplies. The land is opposite a school for disabled children, in which we already had existing beneficiaries, and is an area which has seen positive development in the past few years. We could not be more excited. Please check out our Facebook page to see more updates on this journey. 

Could you give £5, £10, £20, £50 or more and make a difference?

Let’s do this together.

Donate-Home Appeal

Biojemmss will use any additional funds to first start on the building work, and then for our general fund. If we are unfortunately unable to purchase the identified land, we will use the money to purchase an alternative piece of land as soon as it is available.