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1st Mar 2024

February 2024

This Festive Season we came to you with a very special Festive Appeal. We needed to raise £2500 to enrol 49 children in school throughout 2024. Each child has been rescued from abuse by Biojemmss. We exceeded our target and reached £2700 enabling us to get all 49 children in school thanks to your generosity. This included paying schools fees and purchasing some of their school shopping. There are some children who do not get a meal a day at home as their caregivers are unable to afford even daily feeding. In these cases, we have therefore tried to cover lunch costs as well from the money raised.

Children in Uganda commence the academic year in February, and finish the year in November. Over the past two weeks, the team have been working extremely hard to not only pay school fees with the money raised but ensure that every child paid for has got to school, and that Biojemmss has met with their class teacher and Headteacher. Biojemmss has children in 22 schools across the district (18 primary schools and 4 secondary schools)! We have confidence in the schools we have partnered with on this venture, and know they will work hard to give these children the best chance at learning.

This week has felt incredibly exciting and special as we have spoken with the children, seen them get settled in, and had a chance to listen to their hopes and dreams for the future. Every single child has said thank you to Biojemmss, and has asked Biojemmss to extend thanks to our supporters. We believe it is deeply important for you to hear this message, and to understand how immense an impact your support has been on these little lives.