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Make Room Water System

27th Jul 2023

"Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with God"

Micah 6:8

The designed water system will provide safe water for our crops and livestock, along with our sanitation system and providing the water needed for domestic chores, cooking, and drinking water for the 1450 individuals who will attend the new premises per month for our programmes and wider support.

The proposed water system will also provide safe water access to several communities including Marumba B, Marumba C, Kafunjo and Kararuka Villages. Currently the community uses a water pump in the local school grounds for their household use. This often breaks down with regular use and is frequently closed for repairs. The pump is closed during the long holiday periods, leading to community members getting up early in the morning to walk more than a two-kilometre hilly walk to collect water from dirty streams. It is often children who walk unaccompanied to collect water. During these times there is an increase in the cases of abuse, rape and gender-based violence reported.

A comprehensive water system will cost us £12,932 to cover preliminaries, hydrology survey, borehole construction, pump installation, the tank stands, and transmission and distribution systems across the land.

Our donate link for this appeal can be found here