Trust is 12 years old and has been at Biojemmss since 2011. He was abandoned in a hospital at birth and a local elderly woman took him in to her home. At the time, she already had a number of children living with her who had been orphaned by HIV and was unable to send him to school and was struggling to feed and clothe him. Biojemmss was contacted through the local church and she asked us to take him on to alleviate the burden. The local church has since re-housed her with the other children, and Biojemmss has taken hampers to them to provide additional support. He was recently hospitalised and, thanks to God and the faithful prayers of those connected to Biojemmss, the operations went smoothly, and he is now fit and well.

“I want to thank God for the great things he has done in my life. I thank God for giving me the chance to join Biojemmss, where we all get everything we need. I have new friends who are Christians at Biojemmss. God has given me school fees through Biojemmss. I was recently promoted to primary four and given new shoes.

“I really thank God for his protection during the time of my two operations at Mengo Hospital. Many people die during operations, but through God’s protection I am still alive. I thank Siân, who contributed to my operation fee and other people who prayed for me during thattime. I am fine now and am doing my end-of-term-one exams. I thank Mikey, who was with me at the hospital for the operations. God bless you.

“I thank God because I was among the chosen children to go to Kampala for the community church’s singing and dancing competition. Many children were left behind, but I was picked among the many to bring glory to God.”