Solomon thought his education was over when his mum died in 2001, but God had other plans. Biojemmss took him on and supported him in completing his A-levels. He is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in information technology at Ndejje University in Kampala.

“Following the death of my mother, I never thought I would go back to school or complete my education, but as I’m writing, I am studying at University. My life was filled with sorrow, but now I am happy and I have had peace of mind ever since I believed in God.

“I thank God for my Biojemmss family, which has been a source of happiness. Biojemmss took away all the pain and sorrow that I had in my heart. It is Biojemmss that has provided for my needs and my education.

“In all this, I have learnt that God uses people and he will walk with us through problems as long as we look to him. I give glory to my God for all he has helped me to pass through, and I thank him for Biojemmss.”

“After I lost my mother, life became too complicated and I had no chance of living as a normal child. It really hurts missing a parent’s love, care and smile that they give you every moment they see you. Biojemmss wiped away all my tears. I got a chance to go back to school and I have been supported by the best ‘parents’, who have stood up for me after my own parents died. I truly thank God for the gift of life.

“I trust God for great things, as I have it in my dreams to be a great man of God and to succeed in different business sectors. I thank you all for your support and for the love you have shown me. May the Lord bless you all.”