Trustee (UK)

Charmian met Jesus at 21 where her life was forever changed and has been serving Him ever since in whatever capacity He sends. She is passionate about seeing the Body of Christ walk in wholeness, strength, joy and freedom and spends her time helping people encounter Him.

She has been involved with Biojemmss since 2010 and champions the work they do to see communities equipped and empowered. 

Whenever she can, Charmian loves travelling the world, making new friends and soaking up the joy of life! 

"I have known Siân since we were seven years old, and I got to go to Uganda with her for the first time in 2010, when I met the Biojemmss family and experienced the beauty of Africa.
I love being involved in a charity that is actively changing lives, helping them grow physically, emotionally and through education. I believe that, through Biojemmss, the people in the communities Biojemmss reaches will be equipped to be all they were created to be, living in the wide-open spaces of God’s amazing freedom".