Manager (Uganda)

Joel is a qualified social worker who focuses on empowerment and capacity-building with Biojemmss alumni from different areas of the community. As acting manager of the Rukungiri home, he also provides counselling for the younger ones, encouraging them to take on responsibility and live ordered lives.

He is responsible for accounts and makes sure all the receipts and bank statements are kept and arranged for auditing. Joel also oversees community outreaches, such as the prison and hospital ministries.

Joel comes from a Christian family, which has given him a great foundation, but spends most of his time at Biojemmss as a full-time residential social worker. He enjoys playing with the kids and going to the corporate service. He loves listening to gospel and worship music. In 2020, Joel married his beautiful wife Gloria and they celebrated the arrival of their first child Malachi in 2021.

“I am what I am because of the Biojemmss family. I thank God for the work I’m doing because I love it, and I do everything with love since it is my profession and my calling to work with children.

“I continue to gain more and more skills in child development through associating with the young ones, which helps the children feel secure. My aim is to make sure that Jesus is at the centre of the children’s lives by promoting biblical truths and encouraging them to grow up with a strong faith so they can touch their communities.

“My aim is to promote the value of the individual child, improving their welfare. I also hope to help expand the operations and vision of Biojemmss, so that the organisation operates within at least five districts of Uganda.”