Formally established by Siân Davies in 2009, Biojemmss is a Christian charity based in Uganda that works with vulnerable children and young people. As well as offering residential care for the most at-risk, we aim to prevent abuse, educate parents and members of the community, and help young people transition into adulthood.


Back in 2007, Biojemmss provided crisis care for 18 vulnerable children and young people who were experiencing abuse at the hands of their ‘rescuers’. These children were moved to a new home in Rukungiri where they would be safe, nurtured and developed into healthy adults.

The organisation was officially established in 2009 when it was registered as a foreign NGO in Uganda. It partnered with Elim International Missions the same year which established its UK presence.

Our name

People often ask us where the name ‘Biojemmss’ came from. When Siân rescued the first young people from their abusive care home, many had been forced to give up their own Christian names and were known by the name of their abuser in the community.

At the new home, the children’s names and identities were re-established. They were asked what they would like to be called collectively and the name Biojemmss was born. Each of their names was represented in this name (for example ‘m’ for Muwanguzi, ‘B’ for Brian), with the final ‘s’ acting as a tribute to Siân.” To them, the name means togetherness or family.

Our mission, vision and values


Biojemmss is a Christian organisation based in Uganda that holistically cares for at-risk children and equips families and communities to understand the value and importance of protecting children. Our mission is to change the culture of childcare and awareness in Uganda, and to stop the cycle of children at risk by dealing with the root causes.


To transform the future of Uganda by believing in the children of Uganda.


  • We will be abide by Christian values as we rescue children and promote their rights
  • We will put children first in everything we do
  • We will exercise the highest levels of integrity and accountability in our work, playing our part in reducing institutional abuse and corruption
  • We will promote a model of self-sustainability to reduce dependency on foreign aid
  • We will value the culture and people of Uganda
  • We will work in partnership with the people of Uganda to release the potential of its children

Where we work


Our main family home is in Rukungiri, western Uganda. This home provides a loving and safe environment to children and young people. They attend good schools and have a place they can call home; a place where basic rights such as medical care, food and developmental opportunities are guaranteed. Biojemmss also delivers a number of community-based and preventative initiates such as family strengthening from this branch for children at-risk. It continues to develop and expand this work to other nearby rural and unreached areas.


We have a second residential home in Kampala, the country’s capital. This transition home provides ongoing support for our older young people who are attending university, finding jobs or setting up their own businesses. Biojemmss also undertakes outreach work at one of the local prison’s from this branch.


Biojemmss is in the process of setting up a new project in the vicinity of Entebbe, central Uganda. As well as providing crisis, short-term residential care, we will focus on community outreach and crisis care. If a parent gets incarcerated, for example, we will take their children into our care until they can be rehabilitated.