Mitembo (“Bright”)

Residential manager, (Uganda, currently on sabbatical)

Bright has served as residential manager of the family home in Rukungiri since 2009. His work has since expanded to include more extensive management duties with the development of the new branch in Kampala and various other initiatives, although he is currently on sabbatical.

Having always had a strong desire to serve God, Bright previously worked as coordinator of a Christian dance group, which shared the gospel in churches and schools. Bright obtained a degree in computing from Makerere University and is currently pursuing qualifications in NGO management.

Bright enjoys sport, especially football, and is an Arsenal fan. He also takes a keen interest in world affairs and enjoys going to the gym, listening to gospel music, and reading newspapers and magazines.

“In 2009, I was privileged to meet Siân. We travelled together to Rukungiri and I was astonished and moved by the children I found there. From that time, I decided to change the way I served God. I am honoured and humbled to work under this ministry. It’s a joy to see our young children grow into adults.”