Entebbe: A community project

We feel called to address some of the root causes that put children at risk in Ugandan society, such as domestic violence, family disintegration, financial pressures, and a lack of education and awareness of the rights and the value of children.

For this reason, we plan to develop a community in the vicinity of Entebbe that will provide a buffer for children at risk. It will be based on the model we have already established in Rukungiri. This will be a multifaceted facility, offering:

  • Short-term crisis residential care with the view to the child returning home
  • Short-term support to families and children in crisis
  • Family strengthening programmes
  • Children’s ministry work and Bible camps
  • Christian fellowship and teaching
  • Prison ministry for under-fives (including regular visits and gift hampers)
  • Wider safeguarding initiatives in partnership with other organisations
  • Evangelism

The large complex will contain a number of buildings for specific uses. In essence, it will be a small village.

In the first stage of development we hope to:

  • Buy land (approximately 10 acres)
  • Establish our residential provision
  • Set up our community centre and offices, which will be the base for our community initiatives, as well as hosting community events, Bible studies, and parenting and marriage courses
  • Open a guest house to provide accommodation for those supporting the mission

In the second stage of development, we would like to add:

  • A media and research centre to provide Christian children’s literature, music and resources, and to contribute to a wider academic knowledge base of the issues facing Ugandan children
  • A counselling centre for children who have experienced abuse
  • A private retreat for individuals who want to spend time away from Kampala
  • Shops on the edge of the land to be rented to local people

Why Entebbe?

These plans involve relocating our main base from our family home in Rukungiri to a more accessible one. We have selected the vicinity of Entebbe, a town in Central Uganda, for a number of reasons. It is close to Uganda’s international airport and major road links, it has a rural and peaceful feel, and offers opportunities to partner with other organisations working with children at risk. It is still less than an hour from Kampala, where our trustee board resides and our transition home is based, and is within driving distance of key government initiatives and organisations. We will also maintain our branches in Kampala and Rukungiri.